NAS tai chi extraordinary vessel treatment

About NAS tai chi extraordinary vessel treatment

1.     Introduction

2.     Outline of extraordinary vessel treatment

3.     How to use

4.     About IP (germanium diode with a conversion switch)

5.     Direction of IP

6.     Acupuncture points locations

7.     How to use it without a needle, with rivet

1.     Introduction

In ancient times, it was said that acupuncture starts with buxie and end with buxie (consumption and elimination) Great forefathers struggled to make the best of buxie, and thus various special skills and different schools of acupuncture were born. They are advanced skills that are difficult for beginners to reach.

The fundamentals of acupuncture are circulation of the meridian system. Facilitating the circulation of the medial system is called tai chitreatment. It balances mind and body with advancing the concept of meridian system circulation to move vital energy and blood.

NAS tai chiextraordinary vessel treatment evaluates meridian system energy and analyzes the number with PC software to draw up the guidelines for treatment.

Even beginners can make effect of advanced treatment with NAS tai chiextraordinary vessel treatment.



2.     Outline of extraordinary vessel treatment

The basic way of NAS tai chi extraordinary vessel and the main channel treatment is using vessels as a spillway to drain too much qi (electricity and ion) in the main channel. IP is able to move qi that overflow. When IP is used, it deals with not only the eight extraordinary vessels but also xiangu-hegu for yangming and shaoyin and jueyin’s tongli or wuming-taichong. In this treatment, you decide thecombination of acupuncture points according to the analysis that the PC software provides. Buxie is done with IP to improve meridian system circulation.


3.     How to use

Prepare stainless needles. The IP ion pump that Dr. Manaka invented is used for buxie. (On meridian system, a weak current passes on average 500na. It’s not myoelectric.)

NAS measuringinstrument has a measuring instrument tester that measures a point between two points near jin point to avoid other electrical interferences. Type the number it shows you on the PC software to make it calculate and put a short needle on the acupuncture point that the program chose. Then use IP with a conversion switch there and make ion on meridian system move from a sick meridian to another meridian. Put a needle on the same acupuncture points on the healthy side of body to give the right and left pressure (advocated by Dr. Manaka) to improve effect. You can give your patients advanced treatment thorough choosing right acupuncture points.



First of all, put a probe into an antiseptic solution (ex. Osvan) to check the turning on electricity. (It turns on electricity up to 3 to 5 micro ampere.) Then wipe extra water on it. Before measuring, put the probe on the skin of your own arm to test it, and then put it on 2 to 3 mm from a nail horn of a patient and start to measure. If you put it too close to their nail, the number will be high, so make sure to put it on the same point with the same pressure every time.